“A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.

I’m back and better.

it’s been a long two months of contemplating whether i should give up blogging or leave it up and do what i do best.

Hope you guys have been going great.

UPDATE – i got a full time job and i’m growing something thus leaving me with limited time to create content hence the inconsistency . If I had a dollar for every time I heard, “I want to take time off to go traveling but I’m worried it will hurt my career,” I’d be one rich blogger instead of one who spends a decent amount of her time scribbling back emails and phone calls.

I took some time off and disappeared to diani beach along the south coastal line of kenya , just to sleep by the beach, eat sea delicacies and down cocktails for 5 days and i had the time of my life.

This is what i would recommend you to try while you are down there . This blog will have 4 different posts since i took a milion photos.

1. Enjoy some cold cocktails or mocktails by the beach – Diani is a pristine beach and the azure waters look like something out of a book. Simply magical! Order a tall glass of your favorite poison and savor it as the warm ocean breeze and the sound of the crashing waves take you to a world of complete zen.

2. Explore Robinson Island on a glass boat excursion –  The glass boat excursion guides are located just along the beach. When the tide is low, the ocean level is low and it exposes the island and when the tide is high, the sandbar becomes totally submerged for ksh 1000 depending on your bargaining power.

3.Wake up early and take advantage of watching the sunset while you dip your body in the cold water/ watching the sunset with the love of your life ha!

4.  Enjoy a cold cocktail as you sunbathe or while you get a henna tattoo done. It’s worth your while!

i’ll share more details on diani lifestyle in the next few posts so keep an eye out. Thank you for reading



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