Hair is a beautiful form of self-expression.

Crochet braids can be a great protective style option for the right person. I personally loved how easy they were to install and how versatile they could be.

I received this beautiful braids from BEAUTY MARK which is an online shop dealing with beauty products.

I have on ZIZI braids, 3 packets in black.

I personally crotched them on. They are very light and soft on touch

Crochet braids have a number of benefits as opposed to using other braids or weaves when transitioning. They are a great protective style. From my experience, these are my top reasons for using crochet braids.

1. Crochet braids apply very little stress to your hair. They can be as light as your own hair and unless the hairdresser pulls your hair when making the braids there is hardly any stress after doing the cornrows.

2. Little stress means there will be very little or no damage to the hair and this gives a great opportunity for your hair to recoup and heal especially if your scalp has undergone a lot of stress. Therefore, the risk of damage to your actual hair underneath or worse yet the roots of your hair is minimal.

3. The weight of the hair is distributed throughout the braid. This is a great benefit of crochet braids.  Since the synthetic braiding hair is pulled underneath the braid, the weight of the synthetic hair is basically distributed over the entire braid. The synthetic hair is also tied in rather than sewn in, so less stress is applied this way.

4.Easy to care for hair and scalp. The scalp is left open so can care for both your hair and scalp. Micro crochet braids are great because you can wash your hair with them on without damaging them. You are free to massage, cleanse, condition, and oil your scalp and hair as needed.

5.Inexpensive. Another benefit is that since synthetic has used they are relatively inexpensive to have. Micro crochet braids also last quite long

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